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 Helping you to get things done...

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We are all part of a Community

and in a community, people help one another.

*And you're helping us by testing this early PROTOTYPE site!

Oddjobz was founded on the principle that people want to help one another and we want to make it as easy as possible for people to do just that.  It has always been a challenge to balance getting things done while getting in some much-needed leisure time.  

When you take on all tasks yourself, quite often, it takes 4x as long as your thought it would.  Even if you were open to having someone help out, perhaps you don't know who to call, or who to trust.  Most people can't afford a concierge service, so what do you do?      

A concierge for the small things

Leverage the skills of your trusted neighbors and friends.  Help someone else out.  Whether it's picking something up from the store, mowing a lawn, fixing a technical issue or fixing that squeaky hinge, there is someone out there who can help out.  We can help you find one another.  

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How does it work?

Everyone has those jobs or tasks that need to get done that they either don't want to do or never seem to have the time to get finished.  Getting them done with Oddjobz is as simple as figuring out what you would like to have done and then writing a brief description of what, where and when you need to have the job done, along with your budget (if you have one). That's it. We'll try to put you together with someone who would be happy to do it for you. It's that easy...lets get it done.

There are 3 easy steps to getting your job done.

1. Post your Job

Once you post the details of the job you'd like done, it will be passed along and reviewed by people with the skills needed to complete the task.

2. Notification 

When someone accepts the job, you will receive a notification to contact them.  Sort out the details of where, when and how and let the job begin!

3. Finalize the Job

When the job is completed, you will be notified. Check it off of the list and bask in the knowledge that you have nothing to do!

How do I get started?

1) Decide if you need something done or if you are open to completing Oddjobz for others

2) Click the button above that matches your decision

3) Log your task request or browse and select open tasks needing completion

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    Contact Us   

Use the chat window, submit a message here or call the number below if you need support.


(587) 714-2633

Calgary, AB

Thanks for submitting!

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